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AGGROS Premieres Classic NYHC With Instrumental "Chaos Magic" Music Video

The Cro-Mags songwriter and founder Parris Mayhew is back with a brand new instrumental hardcore treat Aggros. Classic NYHC, sans vocals, the band's first single, "Chaos Magic", will sound and feel familiar to anyone familiar with Parris' past work.

Parris on the new release: “I believe that a song should be a journey, there should be a clear introduction to set up the listener for the ride, and a ceremonious feeling of arrival at a destination to be experienced and a few musical surprises along the way, and of course all great songs should have a feeling that the journey is complete, the catharsis, a lesson I learned from both Motörhead and Rush. Motörhead particularly in that within their deceptively simple approach there always comes a thoughtful, surprising and very musical ending, songs should have great endings.”

Parris plans to release new songs in the NYHC tradition and include a video for each song.

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