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ALL SHALL PERISH Reunion No Longer Happening

All Shall Perish announced they were reuniting with their mostly original lineup in 2015, and started doing some pre-production for new music in 2016. The lineup was original drummer Matt Kuykendall, guitarists Ben Orum and Chris Storey, guitarist Caysen Russo who is taking the place of original bassist Mike Tiner, and vocalists Hernan "Eddie" Hermida and Craig Betit.

In 2019, All Shall Perish assured fans that the reunion was still happening. The band said they "have some challenges to deal with" but was still working toward new music.

Now, according to Lambgoat, that reunion is no longer happening. Lambgoat cites Hermida saying over the weekend that the reunion was "not happening, bro. Sorry. I tried really hard but it takes a whole band to want it." No word on who the dissenting parties are, and no official statement has yet been made from the band.

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