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ASPHYX Release New Song "Botox Implosion" Music Video

Asphyx will release their new record Necroceros on January 21, and are now streaming their new song "Botox Implosion". Which as you might've guessed from the title is very much about folks who get plastic surgery.

"We actually wanted to film this on Sunset Boulevard in L.A., where most of the pathetic subjects of this song have their residence," said vocalist Martin van Drunen.

"But due to the pandemic, it was best not to fly over to the USA. Since it’s a fast-shredding song and written in the typical humorous death metal gore tradition, we put a few laughable elements in it. Fortunately, good old Turock in Essen was so friendly to let us film there and while we’re usually not that keen on shooting videos, with this one, we had quite some fun. Still, it is a helluva brutal tune!"

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