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BERZERKER LEGION releases new music video

Death metal band Berzerker Legion, composed with Tomas Elofsson (Hypocrisy), Alwin Zuur (Asphyx, Grand Supreme Blood court), Jonny Pettersson (Syn:dromWombbath), Fredrik Isaksson (Dark Funeral, Excruciate, ex Therion, ex Grave) andJames Stewart (Vader), has released the first music video of their debut album « Obliterate the Weak », out Januart, 31st via Listenable Records.

Check the music video of this killer track below


1. Rise of the Berzerkers 2. A World In Despair 3. I Am The Legion 4. Of Blood And Ash 5. Obliterate The Weak 6. The Falling Dawn 7. The King Of All Masters 8. Upon The Throne Of Mortem 9. A Lurking Evil 10. In The Name Of The Father 11. Death Euphoria (CD exclusive bonus track)

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