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BRAIN CORROSION And RIPPED TO SHREDS Stream New Split Album "Exhumed From Eastern Tombs" In Entirety

Brain Corrosion (Death Metal / Grind - Taiwan) and Ripped to Shreds (Death Metal Old-School - USA / Taiwan) just released a split Exhumed From Eastern Tombs via Horror Pain Gore Death Productions.

Stream it below in entirety

Tracklist :

01. Brain Corrosion - Corpse Refining - To Become a Jiangshi (煉屍))

02. Brain Corrosion - Dead Infant Enreincarnation

03. Brain Corrosion - Mondo Ivo's Blood

04. Brain Corrosion - Land of Four Shades, Surroundings Collapse (四陰之地 破敗之局)

05. Brain Corrosion - Raped By an Angel

06. Brain Corrosion - Legal Innocence (溶屍奇案)

07. Brain Corrosion - Death a Go-Go

08. Brain Corrosion - Twisted Reflections

09. Ripped to Shreds - Rotting Stenches Unknown

10. Ripped to Shreds - Samhallets Offer (Asocial cover)

11. Ripped to Shreds - Sterility (Assuck cover)

12. Ripped to Shreds - Dodonpachi (Gridlink cover)

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