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CHILDREN OF BODOM Frontman Alexi Laiho Launches New Band, BODOM AFTER MIDNIGHT

Children Of Bodom founding drummer Jaska Raatikainen, bassist Henri Seppälä, and keyboardist Janne Wirman announced on November 1 that 2019 would be their final year with the band. The trio played their last show with Children Of Bodom on December 15 at the Black Box in Helsinki, Finland.

Rumors circulated at the time that the band, now only consisting of guitarist and vocalist Alexi Laiho and guitarist Daniel Freyberg, would have to change their name after those three members were gone due to those three guys being partial owners of the name. Now it turns out those rumors are true.

Enter Bodom After Midnight, the "new" band featuring Laiho and Freyberg alongside Paradise Lost drummer Waltteri Väyrynen, bassist Mitja Toivonen, and touring keyboardist Lauri Salomaa. Bodom After Midnight currently has three festival dates announced for later this year and are working on a new album.

June 27 – Tuska Festival – Helsinki, Finland July 18 – John Smith Rock Festival – Laukaa, Finland Aug. 15 – Summer Breeze – Dinkelsbühl, Germany

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