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CHTHONIC Streams Entire Concert in Taiwan in 2019

To celebrate the re-election of Taiwan president, Tsai Ing-wen, Taiwanese Symphonic Black Folk Metal band Chthonic (閃靈) has unveiled their live concert 台灣大凱旋 in entirety played in 2019 in front of Presidential Palace.

Stream it below in entirety

01. 烏牛欄大護法 – 交響版 Millennia’s Faith Undone – Orchestra Ver.

02. 真武 A Crimson Sky’s Command

03. 烏牛欄大護法 Millennia’s Faith Undone

04. 震洋 Oceanquake

05. 共和 Next Republic

06. 千歲 Taste the Black Tears

07. 天誅 Flames upon the Weeping Winds

08. 破夜斬 Supreme Pain for the Tyrant

09. 暮沉武德殿 feat.血肉果汁機 Gigo (Live) Defenders of Bú – Tik Palace feat. Flesh Juicer

10. 烏牛欄大護法 – 望天版 feat.何欣穗 Millennia’s Faith Undone – The Aeon’s Wraith Version feat. ciacia

11. 皇軍 – 交響版 Takao – Orchestra Ver.

12. 皇軍 feat.余天 Takao feat. Yu Tien

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