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CLAMORIS Release "Rage, Rain Down on Them" Music Video

Finnish symphonic melodic death metal band Clamoris is set to release their debut album Opus Limbonica on October 28th 2022 via Inverse Records.

The first single "Rage, Rain Down on Them" is released today and lyric video is available here:

Composer & lyricist Sami Selkäinaho comments: " "Rage, Rain Down on Them" is the first single of our upcoming debut album, Opus Limbonica. The song is the shortest song of the album and represents the fastest side of Opus Limbonica. It's the best song to kick things off as it condenses what the album is about to a tight package. Revolving around melodic delivery, the song utilizes a few symphonic, namely ones characteristic of Baroque music, concepts to aid us deliver this bitter ode to the Apocalypse. A subtle black metal presence lurks along the music, giving the offering a slightly haunted atmosphere. Right from the beginning, it should be clear that our music is not the easiest type to pull off. Our group consists of highly competent musicians and "Rage, Rain Down on Them" also reflects this. The guitar solo by Joonas Kinnari in particular showcases the demanding side of Clamoris' output and is a taste of what to expect of Opus Limbonica, where the neoclassically inspired bitter and haunted metal concept is expanded on to great lengths."

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