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CONAN Drops Lengthy, Sludgy New Single "Righteous Alliance"

Conan is back with the second single off their coming record Evidence Of Immortality "Righteous Alliance"

Stream it below

"'Righteous Alliance' is another track that we have been playing live," said Conan frontman Jon Davis. "It is all about war, and the hopelessness of it. However, a hero is coming and just as death is imminent, an unflinching saviour enters the fray and the day is saved, for now. We were keen to include some fan footage from over the years, thankfully they came through so thanks to everyone for being a part of it."

Evidence Of Immortality was produced by Chris Fielding, mastered by James Plotkin, and given artwork by Tony Roberts. The album also sees ex-Conan member Dave Perry perform on the track "Grief Sequence."

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