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US grind masters PIG DESTROYER and black metallers WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM are among the first names announced for Damnation 2021.

Thrash stalwarts ONSLAUGHT, death metal standouts BLOOD INCANTATION and doom quartet PALLBEARER also venture to Leeds University Union on Saturday, November 6.

BELL WITCH and AERIAL RUIN will showcase their STYGIAN BOUGH collaboration on a stage which will also boast riff-laden post-metal by YEAR OF NO LIGHT and BOSSK.

ESOTERIC make their return to Damnation after 11 years while MORNE rescheduled their scrapped 2020 plans to commit to their debut at the festival.

Also arriving at Damnation for the first time in the event’s 16-year history is an eclectic mix of REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER, SYLVAINE, BOSS KELOID and IRIST.

Organiser Gavin McInally said: “This year has been a disaster for everyone involved in our ‘scene’ so we were desperate to put together the best line-up possible and give ourselves and Damnation fans something positive to cling to for 2021. With at least another 13 bands to be added to this stacked bill, we think we’ve managed it.

“Tying down the likes of Pig Destroyer, Onslaught, Pallbearer and Morne from the poster which sold more tickets in less time than any previous event was a must and we’re hopeful we’ll reconfirm the likes of Gatecreeper and Devil’s Master too, once their future plans are a bit more clear.

“But being able to add the likes of Wolves in the Throne Room, Blood Incantation and a special collaboration by Bell Witch and Aeriel Ruin was incredible and the line-up as it stands, with the prospect of several stage headliners to be announced, is unreal.”

He added: “We offered fans refunds when 2020 was cancelled and little more than a handful took us up on that, so we’re already where we’d expect to be by next summer, sales wise.

“And as a thanks to everyone who has been so supportive during this year, whether it was being patient with the festival’s future, the raffle or even the Damnation Versus podcast, we’re putting tickets on sale at the 2019 price of £49 until midnight tomorrow.

“To be clear, we’re still planning to add a main stage headliner if that band’s plans will be carried over to next year. Several big names in death and doom will also be added in the coming months.”

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