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DEFTONES Guitarist Stephen Carpenter And SIKTH Rhythm Section Share Music For ‘Dystopian Rimes’

Deftonesfans have understandably been raving about guitarist Stephen Carpenter’s contributions to the band’s new album Ohms, but the heaviest riff the guitarist has written and recorded this year is not actually on the Sacramento quintet’s ninth studio album. To hear it, one must listen instead to US/UK collective Sol Invicto, and their heavyweight new single A Reason For Being.

Officially formed in 2008, Sol Invicto describe themselves as a “private collaborative project” between guitarist Carpenter, producers James Londres and Technical Itch (aka Mark Caro) and Sikth drummer Dan Foord. Sikth bassist James Leach is also present on the band’s new single.

In a statement the band say: “Even as artists who create music for dystopian times, we never expected to be actually living in those times. With all that's happening right now, we have decided to share a new song and our music, which is our Ikigai, or, reason for being. Be well!”

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