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DEFTONES Selling Merch To Benefit Their Road Crew

Deftones cancelled their upcoming Australia and New Zealand tours over COVID-19 concerns, though they're not trying to make up the money for themselves with their merch. Instead, Deftones has posted their cancelled tour merch online with all the proceeds going to their road crew.

Our touring crew is essential for us to go out and do what we do for all of you. We were crushed that we had to cancel our Australia and New Zealand run this month, and our road crew was hit hard. To show them support, we have made our intended merch line for the tour available for purchase online, and we will be giving all profits made back to our crew. If you are able to buy a shirt, we, and they, really appreciate the support. Please note all merchandise will be shipping from AU, and prices reflect AUD. We will see you all soon. Stay safe.

Deftones are planning to have a new album out this year.

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