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DEHUMAN REIGN Stream New Album "Descending Upon The Oblivious" In Entirety

German Death Metal band Dehuman Reign will release its new album Descending Upon The Oblivious, on November 13 via FDA Records.

Stream it below in entirety

It has been recorded at Englsound Studio by Tobias Engl, and mixed and masterised at Mastersound Entertainment by Alexander Krull (ATROCITY)

Tracklist :

01. Perish Or Subdue

02. Kill To Live

03. Serenade To The Blood Moon

04. Prelude To Aberration

05. Obscure Affliction

06. Repay Your Dept In Blood

07. Interlude- Beyond The Looking Glass

08. Caputo

09. Eternity's Embrace

10. The In Vitro Overture

11. Project GECU 12. Self Induced Mass Extinction

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