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DEVIN TOWNSEND Offers His Take On Christmas Classic "Silent Night"

Devin Townsend surprised fans with his own Christmas tune this week. The Canadian metal master revealed he wanted to do a Christmas song after years of prodding from his family.

Devy wrote "Such a tired old song… tried to make it nice. [There have] been people in my immediate family asking me to do Christmas songs for years, and I just haven’t had the energy… but it's a rough year, so here you go. =)"

He added “Hope you guys are doing ok, hang on through the season, it can be rough on some of us I know. take care of yourself.”

Townsend is busy finishing up his next album, The Puzzle, due Spring 2021. He has been pretty active online recently – last week, he offered a hilarious interpretive dance to his new single, "Precious Sardine." Townsend will be performing his “A Very Devy Christmas” livestream special on December 23.

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