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Doom-Pop Outfit SOM Unveil New Single Music Video, “Awake // Sedate”

SOM, comprised of current and former members of Constants, Junius and Caspian, recently signed to The Ocean mastermind Robin Staps’ Pelagic Records and will release a new six-track EP, Awake, next month.

Combining two new originals with four remixes, the band have unveiled one of the EP’s fresh cuts, “Awake // Sedate,” and it’s every bit the combination of sludgy riffs, dreamy atmospherics and pop melodies. You can give that song a spin along with a music video by Samia Zaidi below.

Lest you think Som are pulling one over on you by releasing an EP with only two original songs, the band has some killer collaborators lined up for the EP’s remixes: Holy Fawn, Hisself (Johnny Dang of O’Brother), U Dye (Marshall Gallagher of Teenage Wrist), and Giuseppe Capolupo (The Devil Wears Prada).

Awake comes out on March 5

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