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EXODUS, TESTAMENT & DEATH ANGEL Members Lose Entire Truck On Horrifying Swedish Ferry Ride

Exodus, Testament, and Death Angel were on a ferry between Sweden and Finland when they got caught up in Storm Ciara (or Storm Sabine in Europe). The storm so far has killed seven in Europe, and was bad enough to toss the trio's entire truck of equipment overboard. Exodus guitarist Gary Holt took to Instagram to post some initial pictures of the damage on the boat, and to let fans know that the shows are still very much on.

Rough seas? I thought @70000tons was bad? Last nights ferry – cruise to Finland last night was on another level. Most insane thing I’ve ever experienced. Yeah, it was a little terrifying. Ship was getting tossed like a canoe. But we made it. The truck did not, but we all pooled our gear together so the show is ON!!!! Time to rock

Holt later posted more about the storm.

Okay, after a little research on last nights storm, I know of three bands who got extremely lucky!!! 25 foot waves, category 11 out of a 12 scale, two out of five band members puking their guts out, it was FUCKING TERRIFYING!!! But we made it and I feel pretty fucking alive today!! But I’m kind of done with big wave ferry and cruise ship trips! Ugh!Time for some sleep tonight

The BBC reports that at least seven are dead from the storm in Europe, one of which was a Swedish man whose boat capsized.

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