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FLOTSAM AND JETSAM Releases Music Video For New Single 'Burn The Sky'

Veteran Arizona thrashers FLOTSAM AND JETSAM have released a new song, "Burn The Sky". The track is taken from the band's forthcoming album, "Blood In The Water", which will arrive on June 4 via AFM Records.

Frontman Eric A.K. stated: "While we were in the process of selecting which songs we would use for the album's videos, 'Burn The Sky' was the only one that was on everyone's lists consistently. This track has some guitar work by Mike and Steve that are second to none."

Added guitarist Michael Gilbert: "We really had a hell of a time figuring out which songs actually include in this album, because we don’t feel we have any fillers."

When asked about why the band's sound has evolved over the last few albums to a much heavier output, Gilbert said: "I don’t want anyone feeling we are getting fucking old. As long as we continue doing this, we are gonna bring it. Our sound changed through the years influenced by many factors, but what you are listening to now is who we are and will continue to be."

Drummer Ken Mary stated: "The recording of this album was very much a natural process. We really worked together as a team to make sure that everything that needed to be on the record was indeed on it. I haven't listened to it for a while and I went back and listened recently, and it really gives the impression that we are really angry."

"Blood In The Water" was once again mixed and mastered by Jacob Hansen (U.D.O., VOLBEAT, AMARANTHE, POWERWOLF), who also worked on 2019's "The End Of Chaos".

The track listing for the effort is as follows:

01. Blood In The Water 02. Burn The Sky 03. Brace For Impact 04. A Place To Die

05. The Walls

06. Cry For The Dead

07. The Wicked Hour

08. Too Many Lives

09. Grey Dragon

10. Reaggression

11. Undone

12. Seven Seconds 'Til The End Of The World

This past January, Gilbert told The Metal Voice about the musical direction of the follow-up to "The End Of Chaos": "Well, this is the absolute perfect follow-up to 'Chaos'. We couldn't have planned it any better. We all basically put on our work boots, or whatever, and we started writing, and it ended up coming out… It's like 'The End Of Chaos' on steroids, basically. I think you guys are gonna love it, man."

Last November, FLOTSAM AND JETSAM announced Bill Bodily (CONTRARIAN, ex-INHUMATUS, ex-TOXIK) as the band's new bass player. Before joining FLOTSAM AND JETSAM on a permanent basis, Bodily filled in for former bassist Michael Spencer during many shows of the group's "Tour Of Chaos" in 2019.

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