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Guitarist Michael “Lonestar” Carrigan Departs DARKEST HOUR

From Darkest Hour’s Facebook page:

“After over a decade of touring the world with us and contributing to 4 of our full length records Darkest Hour announces the departure of guitarist Michael ‘Lonestar’ Carrigan. We are sure you will be hearing more music from him, we are thankful for his years with us, and we wish him well. As for Darkest Hour, our next chapter starts now. We have a lot in store for you as we continue work on our 10th full length record. You can follow and support us via our bands Patreon or our social media outlets. “

Lonestar was working as a guitar tech for Darkest Hour when then-guitarist Kris Norris bowed out of the band, Lonestar filled in for a few tours before finally becoming a full-fledged member. He appears on 2009’s The Eternal Return, 2011’s The Human Romance, 2014’s Darkest Hour, and 2017’s Godless Prophets & the Migrant Flora

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