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HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY Release "Sing for the Damage We've Done" Music Video Feat Neige (ALCEST)

Austrian duo Harakiri for the Sky just released their new music video "Sing for the Damage We've Done" from their fifth album Meaere out on January 29 via Art of Propaganda Records and Napalm Records.

Watch "Sing for the Damage We've Done" Music Video featuring Neige (Alcest).

Tracklist :

01. I, Pallbearer

02. Sing for the Damage We've Done

03. Us Against December Skies

04. I'm All About the Dusk

05. Three Empty Words

06. Once upon a Winter

07. And Oceans Between Us

08. Silver Needle // Golden Dawn

09. Time Is a Ghost

10. Song to Say Goodbye (Placebo cover)

Bonus Tracks :

01. My Bones to the Sea (Alternative Version)

02. The Traces We Leave (Alternative Version)

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