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HEADS FOR THE DEAD Unveil New Track "Multi Morbid Maniac" Taken From Upcoming Album "Into The Red"

International Death metal project Heads For The Dead will release its new album Into The Red, on December 11 via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Stream "Multi Morbid Maniac"atcher" below


Johnny Pettersson - Guitars, Bass and Keyboards (Wombbath, Gods Forsaken, Just Before Dawn...)

Ralf Hauber - Vocals (Revel In Flesh)

Ed Warby - Drums (Ayreon, ex-Gorefest, ex-Hail Of Bullets...)

Tracklist :

01. Into The Red

02. The Coffin Scratcher

03. At The Dead Of Night

04. Horror Injection

05. The Seance

06. Night Ripping Terror

07. The Midnight Resistance

08. Multi Morbid Maniac

09. The Revenant

10. The Prophecy Fulfilled

11. Transilvanian Hunger

12. Creatures Of The Monolith

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