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HELLOWEEN Release "Skyfall" Music Video

German Heavy Metal band Helloween will release its new album Helloween on June 18 via Nuclear Blast Records. Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen are back in the band.

Stream "Skyfall" Music Video below

The new full-length has been produced by Charlie Bauerfeind (Angra, Blind Guardian, Saxon) and Dennis Ward (Unisonic, Primal Fear, Axxis etc...).

The atrwork has been designed by Eliran Kantor (Bloodbath, Sigh, Loudblast etc...).

Tracklist :

01. Out for the Glory

02. Fear of the Fallen

03. Best Time

04. Mass Pollution

05. Angels

06. Rise Without Chains

07. Indestructible

08. Robot King

09. Cyanide

10. Down in the Dumps

11. Orbit

12. Skyfall

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