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INVENT ANIMATE Premiere New Single 'Shade Astray'

Progressive metalcore unit Invent Animate have issued brand new single, "Shade Astray." Taken from the band's next album (due out next year), the new song can be streamed below.

"'Shade Astray' is a confessional realization that a relationship has run its course," shares drummer Trey Celaya. "It admits that it fell far from the ideal they had put on a pedestal, leaving both their ego and the relationship shattered when things are broken beyond repair. At this crossroads, the loss you fear the most is exactly what has to happen. Someone stronger than you has to be able to walk away when you are self-sabotaging. And the only wisdom to be gained is the knowledge that you are not the savior. There's nothing to be salvaged and you must accept failure and let failure be your teacher. It's a lesson only learned in solitude."

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