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LORD OF THE LOST Release «The Gospel Of Judas» Music Video

LORD OF THE LOST will release its new album Judas on July 2 via Napalm Records.

Watch «The Gospel Of Judas» Music Video below

Tracklist :

CD 1: 01. Priest 02. For They Know Not What They Do 03. Your Star Has Led You Astray 04. Born with a Broken Heart 05. The 13th 06. In the Field of Blood 07. 2000 Years a Pyre 08. Death Is Just a Kiss Away 09. The Heart Is a Traitor 10. Euphoria 11. Be Still and Know 12. The Death of All Colours

CD 2: 01. The Gospel of Judas 02. Viva Vendetta 03. Argent 04. The Heartbeat of the Devil 05. And it Was Night 06. My Constellation 07. The Ashes of Flowers 08. Iskarioth 09. A War Within 10. A World where We Belong 11. Apokatastasis 12. Work of Salvation

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