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MITOCHONDRIAL SUN (Ex-DARK TRANQUILLITY) Streams Blackened New Song "Pulsar 2" Music Video

Mitochondrial Sun, the solo project of ex-Dark Tranquillity guitarist Niklas Sundin, is now streaming a very black metal-inspired new song called "Pulsar 2".

"'Pulsar 2' is the most melody-driven and probably most 'traditional' track on the album in that it resembles what a regular metal band might sound like when playing together (as opposed to some other songs that are more distinctly electronic and in feel)," said Sundin. "The idea was to have the fast drums provide a constant pulse throughout the song and to build atmosphere through repetition and many different layers of sound and harmonies."

Mitochondrial Sun will release Sju Pulsarer on November 13.

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