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MONSTER MAGNET Release «Mr. Destroyer» Lyric Video

American psychedelic/stoner rock band MONSTER MAGNET will release its new cover album A Better Dystopia, on May 21 via Napalm Records.

Watch «Mr. Destroyer» Lyric Video below

Tracklist :

01. The Diamond Mine 02. Born to Go 03. Epitaph for a Head 04. Solid Gold Hell 05. Be Forewarned 06. Mr. Destroyer 07. When the Wolf Sits 08. Death 09. Situation 10. It’s Trash 11. Motorcycle (Straight to Hell) 12. Learning to Die 13. Welcome to the Void

Line-up :

Dave Wyndorf – Chant, guitare Phil Caivano – Guitare Garret Sweeny – Guitare Alec Morton – Basse Bob Pantella – Batterie

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