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NADAE Stream New Music Video "The Fighter"

Nadae, the musical persona of singer-songwriter Jacob Sipes, blends an experimental approach with modern metal and rock conventions. Founded September 2020, Nadae established a stubborn commitment to blending hard genres with eclectic musicality, along with an emphasis on existential lyricism.

Hailing from a tiny village in Tennessee, Nadae has spread his influence across the globe. Fatefully meeting UK producers Joe and Sam Graves (former With One Last Breath, current Innersound Audio Studios), the trio set out to record Nadae's demanding and edifying breakout EP called 'The Hidden Hare.' The EP released during the 2020 pandemic yet built incredible momentum.

Now in 2022, Nadae is set to release an aggressive new single 'The Fighter.' This single supports Nadae's upcoming album 'The Septhed: Gods of Kenilworth.' The album is due later this year and backers are currently being welcomed on Kickstarter. So, jam the new single, fight the good fight, and show the new album some love on Kickstarter!

Check out the video!

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