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NEKROGOBLIKON Releases Career-Spanning Mini-Documentary

Nekrogoblikon is celebrating eight years since the release of their now-famous "No One Survives" video with a brand new mini-documentary. The mini-documentary tells the story of the origin of the band, how the video came to be, and the subsequent breaking of reality that ensued.

"Why 8 years you ask? Simple: according to ancient goblin mythology, the number 8 represents a new beginning," said the band in a statement. "It is a number of hope, new horizons and a bright future. It is connected with Goblin Jesus and his resurrection, as he was resurrected on the 8th day after he was chosen to be the one who would sacrifice a plate of Chili's Southwestern Eggrolls for the sins of humanity. Either that or we just couldn't wait two more years."

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