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OMNIVORTEX Release "At The Mountains Of Madness" Music Video From Upcoming Album

Following their first single release last august, the finnish death metallers Omnivortex are set to release their second song from their debut album "Diagrams Of Consciousness" out 20.11.20 via Concorde Music Company.

Entitled "At The Mountains Of Madness", the bands lead guitarist Severi Saarioja gives us insight of the song:

"Madness is one of the faster songs on the album, it is very straightforward and unrelenting. The middlepart of the song is calm and more relaxed with different vocal melodies. From there it forms back in to a more brutal approach. Lyrically speaking, it is based on HP Lovecrafts novels, one of which the song got it's name from."

Diagrams Of Consciousness is out 20.11.20 via Concorde Music Company

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