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PERVERTED DEXTERITY Unveil New Track "The Arcane Profanity"

Updated: May 18, 2021

Indonesian Brutal Death Metal band Perverted Dexterity will release its new album Alacrity for Contemptuous Dissonance later this year via Brutal Mind Record.

Stream "The Arcane Profanity" below

The artwork has been designed by Timbul Cahyono (Nocturnus AD, Terrorizer, Shinda Saibo No Katamari etc...). Band leader Ryo (Pure Wrath, Lament, Insolence etc...) has teamed up with Roman Tyutin (Decortication, Esophageal, Slit Your Gods etc...), Colin Marston (Behold the Arctopus, Edenic Past, Gorguts) and Ferdi Dwitama (Dextrology, Hysterotomy).

Tracklist :

01. Avarice and Thirst for Power

02. The Arcane Profanity

03. Cataclysmic Phantasmal Portrait

04. Perpetual Mockery

05. The Well of Knowledge

06. Somniferous Propaganda

07. Profligacy Through Impurity

08. Fundamentalistic Entity

09. Vapid Existence

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