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French Technical Death Metal band PITBULLS IN THE NURSERY has decided to end the band. A farewell show is scheduled in April.

Here is their statement

"Hi one,

Our 24-years old adventure now reaches to an end. We decided to hang up the gloves and to end on a high note with an ultimate gig on the 25th of April at L’usine a Chapeaux in Rambouillet.

We put an end to the band naturally, without any bitterness.

Changes in members’lives have for consequence that both our personal and musical motivations are no more focused solely on the band. We such wanted to bring it to a close with dignity, rather than letting the name PUTBULLS IN THE NURSERY slowly decay.

This is why we expect many of you one last time in April 25 to celebrate all together, with a festive mood, in the very place where the band is born.

For the occasion, we will have the honor of sharing the stage with two bands with whom we toured at the very beginning of PITN: FATAL -death tribe- (Le Havre) and WILD (59). An intense night in perspective, we expect to see you there !"

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