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REBEL WIZARD Unveils «Not Rain But The Wizards Tears»

Australian Black/Heavy metal band REBEL WIZARD will release its new album Magickal Mystical Indifference on July 10 via Prosthetic Records.

Stream «Not Rain But The Wizards Tears» below

Tracklist :

01. Heavy Negative Wizard Metal In-fucking-excelsis 02. Raiseth Up All Those That Be Bowed Down 03. White Light Of Divine Awe Smelling Of Sweat And Sex 04. You Are Being Lived, Dear One 05. Dance Of The Duchess In The Pale Pink Light 06. Not Rain But The Wizards Tears 07. Urination Of Vapidity On Consciousness 08. The Mind Is Not Your Friend 09. Love Wisdom Everything Nothing 10. Magickal Mystical Indifference

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