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SABBATONERO Releases First First Single, "Symptom Of The Universe" For Charity

Born out of the COVID lockdowns, Venom Inc. bassist/vocalist Tony ‘Demolition Man’ Dolan along with Francesco Conte from Neromega/Spiritual Front have teamed up with a number of musicians on a new Black Sabbath tribute album entitled “L’Uomo Di Ferro”. The album features a mind blowing amount of talent, including Marty Friedman, James Murphy (ex- Death, Obituary, Disincarnate, Mantas (Venom Inc.) and Snowy Shaw (ex King Diamind, Dream Evil).

Their first single, “Symptom of the Universe”, featuring Rasmus Bom Anderson (Diamond Head) on vocals and a guitar solo by Marty Friedman, is a fitting tribute to legends, by legends.

All the funds raised from the album will go toward supporting COVID workers in Italy.

The album will soon be available on digital and vinyl/CD versions via Italy’s Time To Kill Records.

Full Tracklist: 01. Symptom Of The Universe 02. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath 03. N.I.B. 04. Killing Yourself To Live 05. Heaven & Hell 06. Paranoid 07. Children Of The Grave 08. A National Acrobat 09. Hole In The Sky 10. War Pigs

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