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SOULROT Drop New Track "Deceiving Tyranny Manifesto"

Chilean Death Metal act Soulrot just released its new album Victims Of Spiritual Warfare via Memento Mori. Stream "Deceiving Tyranny Manifesto" below


01. La Doctrina De Los Malnacidos

02. Nihilistic Automata

03. Buried Alive

04. I, Master

05. Perpetual Warfare

06. God Forsaken

07. Deceiving Tyranny Manifesto

08. Chainsaw Worship Hymn

09. Protect The Coven

10. Evolutive Slaves

11. All That Remains

12. Nameless Ritual

13. Hideous Manifestation

14. What Destroys You, Makes Us Stronger

15. Aquelarre (Bonus Track)

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