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SPIRIT ADRIFT Drops Cover Of BLACK SABBATH's "Supernaut"

Spirit Adrift is one of many bands to contribute to Magnetic Eye Records' upcoming covers album of Black Sabbath's classic 1972 record Vol. 4. Spirit Adrift is now streaming their cover of the song "Supernaut", which guitarist and vocalist Nate Garrett tells Decibel was vital to musical career.

"With covers, it's crucial to capture every element that makes the original special, while allowing your own identity to shine through," said Garrett. "I’ve heard Sabbath covers, even recently, where the band isn’t even aware of the subtleties of the guitar riff, and they’re straight-up playing it wrong. So rule #1, I guess, would be to play the riff right. You don’t want to neuter the song and lose the excitement. We stayed pretty true to the original because it’s such an incredible song. However, a lot of our trademarks are there: extra guitar harmonies, crazy Moog whooshes, all sorts of things we love to do. We’re thrilled for this opportunity to pay our respects.

"Black Sabbath is the reason I’m in a band. They’re my favorite band, and I love every era. I saw the video for 'Paranoid’ when I was 12 or 13 years old, and it was game over. Volume 4 in particular contains quite a few of my favorite moments from the Sabbath catalog. Many of my tried and true approaches to guitar were inspired by songs on Volume 4. The music is classic, but still fresh and groundbreaking all these years later."

Vol. 4 Redux will also feature contributions from Thou, Haunt, Whores, and Matt Pike.

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