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SYSTEM OF A DOWN Drummer Says Black Lives Matter Supporters are “Marxist Enemies Of The USA"

System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan made headlines over the summer by expressing his outspoken pro-Trumpcoronavirus conspiracy theoryanti-Black Lives Matterblatantly racist, and pro-cop opinions via social media, in spite of his band’s lyrical stances that are completely and outwardly contrary to those beliefs.

Now Dolmayan, who also previously said he believes there is no systemic racism in the United States, has posted another missive on social media, this time declaring that the Black Lives Matter movement and antifa are “marxist enemies of the United States.”

Posting to Instagram, Dolmayan said:

“Is there any doubt that Antifa and BLM are Marxist enemies of the United States ? They do almost nothing to hide this and yet millions of Americans , corporations , and sports leagues excuse and support these violent destructive enemies of freedom . They have one goal , destroy America from within while pretending to fight for justice and equality. They claim to be the modern civil rights movement but they have little in common with the pursuit of equal opportunity . The best part is they call themselves anti fascist, everything they do and stand for is the definition of fascism. America needs to wake up , these people are the brownshirts of a high jacked communist far left liberal agenda. “

Earlier this summer, System vocalist Serj Tankian called any Trump lovers in his band’s fanbase “hypocrites,” prompting a bit of a public back and forth between the two bandmates. Dolmayan later said that he welcomes all System of a Down fans regardless of their politics, prompting Tankian to say he respects Dolmayan despite their differing views. The two men also happen to be brothers-in-law.

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