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THE ABSENCE Release "Coffinized" Music Video

The Absence have released a video for "Coffinized," the title track of their upcoming album.

The new clip can be viewed below.

Vocalist Jamie Stewart adds: "We have all been Coffinized at one point or another - confined by a distant, funerary outlook; trapped in a dark, shrinking bubble. As one awaits a lingering exhale, it calls out - a seeping, miserable existence, disguised. Such horrors, hidden in debased, mental escape. You wrap yourself in it as it follows you down, further and further, engulfed by your own disgust and inability; it's suffocating gaze collapsing in, embalming into your being. You become a living casket for all of your own bitter frustrations - nailed in and buried alive!"

Coffinized will be available on June 25 through M-Theory Audio.

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